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ICO calendar

This is a curated calendar of in progress ICOs / global blockchain initial coin offerings.

ICGO moderates the list to ensure transparent and reliable data. PPC stands for Pay Per Coin – the ETH/USD conversion rate is captured on the  day of upload and may vary over time.

List your Initial Coin Offering
Name Link Description ICO PPC Countdown Buy
An Incentivized And P2P Video Sharing Platform 564,062,500 VEO 0.167 USD Buy now
Decentralized Development Automation Platform 470000000 0.0002 ETH Buy now
Decentralised Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem 3,500,000,000 $0.01 Buy now
Payment, communication and asset ownership transfers. 250,000,000 DUSK $0.038 Buy now
AI Chatbot Companion for Students 40,000,000 0.88 USD Buy now
Dao blockchain platform and cryptocurrency tkeycoin or TCD 100,000,000 1 USD
CoinJanitor - Recycling Dead Coins. 50000000 0.16 USD Buy now
The world ecosystem of natural plant food. 3 250 000 ATF 8.91 USD / 0.012 ETH Buy now
Decentralized Student Economy TBA TBA
The first blockchain voucher for CBD 750,000 16.60 Buy now